For some absolutely bizarre reason people always like to push their luck when it comes to cars. It may be that we’re scared of hearing bad news or we are worried about how much it is going to cost to repair; either way there are certain vehicle repairs that you absolutely cannot put off.

To reduce risk to your car or yourself, here are some issues that you’ll want a garage to look at as soon as possible.


This isn’t there for decoration, seriously, it means that something has gone wrong with your engine. However, there are loads of engine lights so figuring out exactly what it is will mean reading the manual. If it does, in fact, look like an engine then you should take your car to the garage ASAP as your engine function is impaired in some way and ignoring it could exasperate the issue. The last thing you want to do is end up with an even more expensive problem simply because you told yourself not to worry about that little light.


Honestly, how anybody can drive a car where they are uncertain about the steering is beyond comprehension, but it happens! If you find that it is hard to turn the wheel or there is a delay in the steering or that the car isn’t going where you want it to then take it to a garage right now. Steering is hugely important, so if you haven’t got full control of your vehicle then you need this sorted before you drive anywhere. Not only could this lead to additional problems with your car, but it could result in a crash, injury or even death – get it fixed.


OK, this one may not always be a big deal but if there is constantly smoke coming from your exhaust then it could be an indication that there is something wrong. There are several different types of smoke which arise from several different issues, for example:

  • White smoke – could mean your cooling system needs attention, possibly your cylinder head gasket is leaking antifreeze or you could have a cracked engine block.
  • Black smoke – this could cause major issues as it is likely that your engine is over-fuelling for one of many reasons. This can cause a lot of damage very quickly, so make sure you get it sorted as soon as you spot it.
  • Blue smoke – typically this means you are burning oil in the cylinder, which you shouldn’t be, the sooner you get this sorted the less likely you are to cause further issues or even suffer from engine failure.

Basically, if you spot smoke coming out of your car then you need to take it to a garage ASAP.


Come on, you know that if your car can’t stop then you’re playing a very risky game driving it. Whether they suddenly feel spongy, you hear a grating noise or it takes a lot more effort to push the pedal than normal – you need this looked at. Brakes are a high use component and unfortunately there can be lots of things that go wrong with it. You could have fluid leaks, parts of the component seizing up or the brake pad wearing away, whatever the issue your local mechanic will be able to sort it out in a jiffy leaving you with a vehicle that’s definitely road safe.

At Nathaniel Cars, we’ve made the extra effort to provide our customers with a complete one-stop shop for all your motoring needs. Whether you need us to check you engine light, fix your brakes or even simply change your tyres, our fully qualified mechanics will be able to sort you vehicle out in no time.