When it comes to buying a new vehicle for your business there are two major costs you want to know about, how much it costs you to buy and how expensive it will be to run.

Some cars may be cheap for the initial purchase price, but be very expensive to run or vice versa.

You may be surprised to find out just how low the costs of a Mitsubishi L200 can be:

Initial cost

One of the main benefits of buying an L200 pickup truck is that they qualify as a Light Goods Vehicle (LGV), which means you can claim the VAT back. This immediately makes the purchase cost of the truck 20% cheaper than a non-commercial vehicle.

At Nathaniel Cars you can pick up a brand new L200 for as little as £15,999. This comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty that covers you up to 5 years or 125,000 miles (updated in April 2019, this is now 62,500 miles). That gives you a lot of usage while remaining fully covered for any faults with the vehicle.

Tax benefits for:

Employees - If you use an L200 as a company vehicle then you are entitled to Benefit in Kind (BIK) liability, which means that you can get a certain amount of money back from the government depending on your tax bracket. You would also be entitled to claim money back if your employer provides you with fuel expenses for work but not private use.

Employers – Giving your employees a LGV instead of a standard passenger car can act as a type of pay rise, due to the savings they can receive from BIK. You can also buy these vehicles at a cheaper cost, as you’re able to reclaim VAT – costing you a lot less than if you were to provide passenger cars as the company vehicle. Vehicle tax on commercial vehicles is capped at £220, which could potentially save you money if the alternative cars have a higher tax rate.

Running Costs

Most people assume that running a Mitsubishi L200 would be extremely expensive, thinking they are gas-guzzling monsters. The truth is actually very different, with the truck achieving an average of 35 miles to the gallon, with really economical motorway driving pushing it up to 40mpg.

This type of economy is similar to what you can expect to get from a Mercedes Estate car. The big difference here is that the L200 is able to perform outstandingly on a range of terrains. Not only that, but combined with all the tax benefits you receive it works out much cheaper to purchase and run.

With all the various tax benefits that come with the Mitsubishi L200, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how little they actually cost – giving you extra cash to be spent elsewhere. Furthermore, their unparalleled reliability means that these trucks will just keep going and going and going. Why don’t you book a test drive with Nathanial Cars today and see exactly what all the fuss is about?