Locking your keys in your car or simply losing your car keys can render your vehicle useless. With no way to get in, you simply can’t use it – so what do you do?

A quick Google will show plenty of tips for breaking into your car or hacks for unlocking a vehicle without a key, but frankly, unless you’re an expert, have professional tools laying around or don’t care about damaging your car these are pretty useless.

Here’s what you should really do if you’ve locked your keys in the vehicle. 

Check the Other Doors

You wouldn’t be the first person to go into a full-blown panic, worrying about how they’ll get home etc. before realising that only the driver’s door is locked. Go around the vehicle and make sure that all the doors are definitely locked – if they are then make sure that all the windows are up as well.

Still locked out? Try the next tip:

Calmly talk your child into opening the door

Has your stroppy teenager or energetic child locked you out of the car with your keys inside? You simply cannot call for professional help at this stage – the mechanical kind anyway – you need to calmly talk to your child and convince them to open the door. Promises of ice cream and toys works well with little kids, while threatening to not pay phone bills or uploading embarrassing baby photos to Facebook tends to work with teenagers.

Find a Spare Key

Are you at home? Do you have a spare key? If so then what are you reading this for? Go and get it or, even better, call someone and have them bring it to you! Hey presto, you’re in.

If you don’t have a spare key then you should definitely invest in one, after you get yours out of course.

Try your luck

Go on YouTube, there are plenty of methods that you can use to unlock a car – provided you have the tools, ability and knowhow to carry them out. There are lots of methods that claim they won’t damage your car, but don’t be surprised if you get a few scratches or you damage the rubber seal on the doors using these methods.

This really isn’t all that ideal, but it could save you a costly locksmith fee so it is worth attempting if you feel brave enough. Make sure that you take all the proper precautions first and don’t try to blame us if it doesn’t go to plan – we’ve given you plenty of warnings!

Call a Pro

When all else fails, only a professional will work. Get on the phone and call a locksmith, they’ll come and open up your car in a jiffy with minimal to no damage to your vehicle. This really is the best option for most people and will typically get you back on the road in the fastest time possible with the least disruption. The cost of this will depend largely on your location, the locksmith you use, how tricky it is to get into your vehicle and whether a spare key needs to be cut. But maybe you should just treat this as a lesson and be extra careful in ensuring that you never lock your keys in your car again!