Are you a professional tradesperson? As a tradesperson, you have to be ready to meet the demands of your clientele. Just like you have the reputation of being reliable, your vehicle has to be reliable too. Here is an opportunity to win a £33k Mitsubishi pick-up at (click here to enter the contest).

We are passing this information onto you, so you can have the benefit of entering to win the Britain’s Top Tradesperson contest. Mitsubishi is an excellent choice for a service vehicle. We wish you good luck in the contest!

The contest is sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors UK and Screwfix. As your local Mitsubishi dealer, we wanted to publicise this contest to our local tradesmen. Enter today! The deadline for entries is 3rd June. 

We will have a demonstrator Mitsubishi L200 pickup at Screwfix Bridgend on Wednesday, 16th May. Do visit and have a chat to see what Mitsubishi L200s can do for your trade business. Alternatively you can pop into our Bridgend showroom or call us at 01656 339840. We would be happy to show you the Mitsubishi line of quality, affordable cars and pickup trucks.