Portable electric-car charger prototype ready to launch in 2023

Portable electric-car charger prototype ready to launch in 2023

At Nathaniel Cars, we’re always on the lookout for the latest technology that will benefit electric-car drivers. So, we were interested to see the launch of the prototype for a new and innovative way to charge an electric vehicle (EV).

Introducing the ZipCharge Go portable electric car charger

ZipCharge Go is a portable EV charger that’s around the same size as a suitcase. And, just like a suitcase, it comes with wheels and a handle so you can easily move it around.

You can keep the Go at home for recharging your electric car or carry it in your boot as an emergency backup.

This British-designed piece of tech is now in the “advanced prototype” stage and could ship to customers in early 2023.

With a battery capacity of between 4kWh and 8kWh, drivers can use the Go to top up their electric car’s battery when charging points aren’t immediately available.

No more range anxiety

So-called “range anxiety” has been one reason why some people are still nervous about the transition from petrol and diesel to electric-fuelled cars.

It all boils down to a concern about how far you can drive an electric car. However, with increases in battery size and an ever-growing network of electric charging points, range anxiety is becoming less of an issue.

Thanks to the ZipCharge Go, range anxiety may become a dim and distant memory.

ZipCharge portable in car boot for size

How does this portable EV charging system work?

The recycled plastic casing houses a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of up to 8kWh. Depending on your EV, it should deliver between 20 and 40 miles of range. For example, this could provide a new Fiat 500e with roughly 20% of charge.

You simply top it up at home using a standard three-pin domestic socket. And, when using it to charge an EV, you plug it into the car like a regular charging point. You can also connect to the device through a smartphone app, so that it can charge itself or your EV remotely.

Its power flow rate is 7.2kW, which is a similar speed to many home chargers and public fast charging points. So, a fully charged Go will take around an hour to deliver 8kWh of charge to an electric car.

When is the ZipCharge Go available?

ZipCharge engineers are currently lab testing the devices, but the Go is expected to be available for purchase or monthly subscription in early 2023. You can find out more on the ZipCharge Go website.

With the launch of MG’s new 100%-electric hatchback, and the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars in 2030 inching closer, buying an electric car is at the front of people’s minds.

Electric-car innovations like the ZipCharge Go will only help to boost confidence in EVs even further.

If you want to find out more about MG’s 100%-electric vehicles or you’re interested in the other EVs in our range of electric cars, the plug-in car experts at Nathaniel Cars are here to help.

Just fill in the “Ask our EV Experts” form. Or pop into our Cardiff or Bridgend showroom.

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