Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars for 2015

Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars for 2015

Miles per gallon is quickly becoming a factor that can make or break the sale of a car to most customers. People are looking for fuel efficiency, for low running costs and for a vehicle that is friendly towards the environment.

Miles per gallon is quickly becoming a factor that can make or break the sale of a car to most customers. People are looking for fuel efficiency, for low running costs and for a vehicle that is friendly towards the environment.

If you’re looking for the most fuel efficient vehicle that money can buy in 2015, then these are what you should be looking at:


Most people will be very surprised to see a 2 litre petrol SUV at the top of this list but, thanks to its clever hybrid engine, the PHEV is able to achieve the equivalent of 148 MPG. On the petrol engine alone you can expect a return of 50 mpg, but with the two systems running in sync this produces a phenomenal 148 MPG.

This is a huge step in the electric vehicle revolution, providing you with a hybrid vehicle that is far more capable than its predecessors without being a small, boxy and ugly vehicle. Want to find out what the PHEV is all about? Book a test drive today and see for yourself!

2. BMW I3 BEV – 124 MPG

BMW may have been a late contender to the electric car market, but the i3 produces performance and styling that has been lacking in many electric vehicles. It may be more than double the price than some of the alternatives out there, although you could argue that producing a return of 124 MPG is enough reason for it.

3. FIAT 500E – 122 MPG

Stylistically, the 500e looks exactly the same as the 500 but under this chic appearance it is a very different vehicle. Instead of the (already impressively efficient) petrol engine there is a 83kw electric motor and instead of a gear lever you receive a horde of buttons that would not look out of place in a fighter jet. Despite all this though, the 500e is fun to drive without costing you a penny in petrol or road tax which is pretty good in our books!


Easily the smallest car on this list and with a fully electric engine you may have expected performances similar to the BMW and Fiat above, but sadly this is not so. That said, 107 MPG is nothing to be scoffed at as it is more than double what most petrol engines would produce. With an active range of around 90 miles, this is a vehicle that is well suited to city life.

5. PEUGEOT 208 1.6 BLUE HDI – 94 MPG

The first combustion-engine car in this list and it’s a doozy! This 100bhp diesel engine provides its lucky drivers with a staggering 94 MPG, only 13 short of the Smart ForTwo and in a far more appealing package. Despite being highly fuel efficient, the stylings and drivability of this car remain to the same high standard that we’ve come to expect from Peugeot.


Hot on the heels of the 208, the VW Polo can deliver a whopping 91 MPG on its diesel engine. This just goes to show how far fuel efficiency has come over the last couple of years. With no road tax to pay and no electricity bills from charging electric engines this is easily one of the cheapest cars to run in the UK. Even the Golf, with its slightly larger engine, has an impressive fuel efficiency that only just doesn’t make this list.


The Corsa has been around for generations now and the new ecoFlex takes the low running costs and maximises it with an extremely efficient 1.3 litre engine. There are a selection of vehicles that fall into this efficiency bracket, so the Corsa has been released at a very low price – £8,995 – undercutting most of the rivals.


Skoda’s offering to this list is the rather spacious Octavia, a much larger car than the hatchbacks on this list – although significantly smaller than the PHEV. With a powerful 1.6 litre TDI diesel engine, you may not expect it to produce a healthy 88MPG, but the Octavia delivers this in style thanks to eco-tyres, start-stop technology and brake energy regeneration.

9. KIA RIO 1 1.1 CRDI – 88 MPG

The Rio only just about cut the mustard with this list as, despite great fuel efficiency, the model is very basis lacking things like air-con and Bluetooth. That said if you’re looking for a basic run about vehicle with plenty of storage space and awesome fuel efficiency then this is a great option for you. What’s more, the Rio has a five-star Euro NCAP crash test rating making it a great family vehicle.


Similarly to the Corsa, Ford have been steadily improving their Fiesta model for years and the new ECOnetic reflects these changes. With a real-world fuel efficiency of 85 MPG this model combines low running costs with a fun, dynamic drive and hi-tech kit. It may not be the most fuel efficient vehicle on this list but it definitely packs in the most features and has plenty of room for all the family.

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