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How to Properly Test Drive a Car

Test Driving Subaru

When it comes to buying a car, new or used, a test drive is absolutely vital. This can give you a very good idea of whether you like the driving position, how the vehicle handles and, if it’s used, whether there are any faults with the vehicle.

Just because a car looks good and the manufacturer’s information is telling you everything you want to hear, it doesn’t mean that this is the right car for you. A proper test drive will confirm whether or not you really like the car and if it is right for you. Here’s what to look for when test driving a car.

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Front, Rear or All-Wheel Drive, What’s Best for the Snow?

Front, Rear or 4 wheel drive

In the UK we are notoriously poor at preparing for any sort of weather change that isn’t a light drizzle. When it is sunny we’re slapped with a hosepipe ban, we receive heavy rain and suddenly floods are everywhere and god forbid that we get even the slightest hint of snow!

To stay ahead of the curve, you should buy a vehicle that will perform well even under the iciest conditions. But what’s the best vehicle for driving in the snow – front, rear or all-wheel drive?

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How Safe is Your Car? New Safety Features

Car Saftety Cones

The first car on the road didn’t have so much as a seatbelt when it came to safety. Nowadays there are literally hundreds of loops that manufacturers need to jump through in order to get their cars through to production. Every country varies, but anywhere in the EU there are strict rules and measurements that need to be met before a vehicle can be sold in this area.

So what exactly have manufacturers done to make their vehicles as safe as possible? Here are some old and new car safety features that help protect the occupants.

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