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Are Pickup Trucks Expensive to Buy and Run?

Non expensive trucks

Lots of people have the impression that pickup trucks are very expensive vehicles to own. They perceive them to be the reserves of footballers or farmers who need these workhorses for practical reasons.

However, this is not true.

Pickup trucks are far more affordable than you might have been led to believe. Need some convincing? Then check this out.

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Six Reasons You Need a Compact Car

Small Compact Cars

Are you driving around in a car that’s bigger than you need? Did you know that you could be saving yourself a small fortune every year by downsizing your vehicle?

That’s not the only benefit though, here are six reasons why you need to buy a compact car.

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How Cars Are More Affordable Now Than Ever Before

Old Car Image

Go back 30, 40 or 50 years and you’ll notice that there were nowhere near as many cars on the road as there are today. In the past, automobiles were seen as a luxury, rather than a commodity, but this no longer stands in modern society. Nowadays the majority of cars are affordable, with some brand new cars costing less than £10,000 straight off-the-production-line.

So, how is it that cars have become so affordable? Let’s explore

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