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Christmas CarMa 2016: Win A Brand New MG3

MG3 Christmas Carma

Christmas is the perfect time to show someone special how much they have touched your life. We all have those cherished friends, family members, or coworkers who make our days a little brighter. Nathaniel Cars in association with Heart Wales, wants to help someone honor the special person in their life by giving away a new MG3!

Take a moment to nominate some deserving person* in the Christmas CarMa contest and you too can win a fabulous prize. The person you nominate has a chance to win a new MG3. If the person you nominated is chosen as a winner, you receive a prize as well- £500!

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Will Parking Space Size Increase to Match Today's Larger Cars?

Car Park Spaces

National Car Parks (NCP) says that they have widened some parking spaces in London, Manchester, and Bournemouth. They intend to continue to increase the width of the spaces in their car parks. The reason the spaces are being altered is to accommodate modern cars which are getting wider. A rise in car park accidents has been attributed to drivers having to use car park spaces that are too small for their cars.

Modern cars are much wider today than they used to be. The problem is that many car parks in operation were built years ago when the cars were smaller. Changes in car width is usually accredited to the rising popularity of SUVs, but even hatchbacks have increased in width. The new hatchbacks are up to a foot wider today than they were in the 1970’s.(1) The spaces in the car parks generally have remained the same size. This lack of updating has caused many drivers to complain about the tight fit of their cars in car parks. 

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The Autumn Statement's Impact on Motorists

Autumn Statement and Motoring

Philip Hammond delivered his first Autumn Statement as Chancellor of the exchequer. His plan brings a mix of good news and bad news for the average motorist. Though some say the plan is pessimistic in predicting the economic effects of Brexit, the plan also includes looking to the future with optimism regarding the motoring industry in the UK. The Autumn Statement highlights some plans for investing in roadways and new motoring technology.

Motoring topics discussed as part of the Autumn Statement include fuel tax, car insurance premiums, fraudulent whiplash claims, public transportation, and road maintenance. The Chancellor also proposes to encourage motorists to choose more eco-friendly cars by increasing the number of charging stations for electric vehicles (EV). The Autumn Statement includes investing in autonomous cars.

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