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Our Lucky Winner from the Big Launch

Winner of Signed Welsh Football Shirt

At our Big Launch in July we gave on lucky person the chance to win a signed, yes signed Welsh football shirt. We held a free prize draw for people to enter across the three days. Our lucky winner was an ecstatic Mrs Bethan Lent. She won the signed shirt and was so happy that she had this to say.

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Nathaniel Cars Celebrates Mitsubishi’s 40th Anniversary

Big Nathaniel Cars Header

There’s been a lot of celebrating going on at Nathaniel Cars recently, and for a very good reason! We have plenty of things to shout about and Mitsubishi’s 40th anniversary provided the perfect starting point.

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The Most Economical SUV: Mitsubishi’s New Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander Phev SUV

Traditionally, if you wanted to buy an SUV you would have to make a huge compromise on your vehicle’s fuel economy. These low returns on petrol put this type of vehicle out of many people’s budget, simply because they would be unable to afford the high running costs. Here’s how the Outlander PHEV will put a stop to tradition.

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