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How Much Difference Can a 4x4 Make in Winter?

Sample Image

Due to the mild nature of the UK, it is very rare that we ever have to deal with large amounts of snow and ice on our roads. Unfortunately, this means that for the brief period that it does occur the nation, as a whole, is completely unprepared.

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Your Complete Winter Driving Checklist

Winter Driving Tips

You should never underestimate the dangers and hazards that you face every time you turn your ignition on and slip the gearstick into first. There are many things that need to be considered, from your vehicle – including maintenance and upkeep – to other drivers and especially road conditions.

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What Do 4x4 Gear Ranges Really Mean?

Fourl wheel drive ranges

If you own or are thinking of buying a 4x4 then you’ll have undoubtedly noticed that there are several ranges available to you. Unless you’re a car enthusiast or have some experience driving off-road you probably won’t understand what these ranges do, or even what they mean.

To help give you the best understanding of your 4x4, here is a simple and straightforward explanation of ranges and gear ratios:

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