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Update Your Satnav or Risk Getting a £1,000 Fine

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Drivers in the UK often rely heavily on their satnav to provide information about speed limits. With the newly imposed higher speeding fines, an outdated satnav can put the driver at risk of failing to follow the correct speed limit. If the satnav gives the driver an outdated speed limit, that misinformation could be setting the driver up for a hefty speeding fine.

The new speeding fines can be 150% of the driver’s weekly salary plus three points on their license. The new speeding fine rules were taken into effect as of 24 April 2017.

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Auto Industry Excitement Over the New MG: Introducing the MG XS

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One of the most exciting highlights of the London Motor Show was the unveiling of the new MG XS. The new SUV is smaller than the MG GS. The design merges an upmarket appeal with the value of an MG. We can’t wait to welcome the MG XS to our full line up of MG cars.

Once customers see the brand new sleek SUV, we are sure it will become a favourite. Designed by SAIC which is a division of MG’s parent company, the MG XS brings all the attitude and sporty countenance of a high-end SUV while maintaining the practicality and comfort of an MG.

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AutoExpress: Nathaniel Cars Ranks Among the Best Car Dealerships in the UK

Top 1000 Dealerships in UK

The prominent auto magazine, Auto Express, has ranked Nathaniel Car Sales Ltd within the top 5% of all the car dealerships in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The ranking was determined by customer satisfaction in the areas of a dealership’s costs, reliability, and customer service. We are happy to know that as we continue to strive to provide exceptional value and excellent customer service, our customers agree that we are one of the best car dealers in the UK.

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