The Complete History of MG

The Complete History of MG

One of the most iconic British automobile manufactures, MG, will soon be coming to Nathaniel Cars. So, to celebrate we’re going to give you the complete history of this company.


Life of MG started in 1924, being founded by Cecil Kimber.  The famous initials were appointed in respect of Kimber’s employer, William Morris, who owned Morris Garages – hence MG.

Kimber didn’t just found the company, he also created the first line of MGs by fitting coach-built tourer bodies to the Morris Cowley chassis. These first cars were known as the Morris Garage Chummys. The first true MG was the 14/28 Super Sports model which proudly displayed the octagonal logo that’s been with the manufacturer ever since.

It didn’t take long for MG cars to gain a reputation as being affordable performance vehicles, being faster and sportier than the Morris cars they initially adapted from.

The company really made a name for themselves in the 1930s with a class win with the K3 at the 1933 Mille Miglia road race, being the first non-Italian team to have won. In 2012 the company found itself back on top with Jason Plato achieving success at the British Touring Car Championships,


Over the years this inspiring British brand has been bought into by several famous names. Some of the most famous MG owners include:

  • The Duke of Edinburgh (TC model)
  • HRH Prince Charles (GT SGY 766F) – this car later passed down to Prince William
  • HRH Princess Anne
  • Elvis Presley
  • Geri Halliwell
  • Sharon Stone
  • Joe Petty

In addition to being owned by famous individuals, several models of MG have been immortalised in film and music. This created a rather large cult following of this brand, with a large following of enthusiasts, collectors and people who class MG as their dream car.


With such extensive history, there have been many notable points over the years for MG. Among these points, you have the date 16th May 1956, which marked the 100,000th MG to ever be made.

In 1962, full production of MGs moved to Longbridge after a decade of designing and manufacturing engines for the A and B-series.

The millionth MG car was built in October 1975 – a unique LHD MGB roadster that was custom painted in Brooklands Green, complete with Jubilee GT livery and wheels.

MG Rover Group was formed on Tuesday 9th May 2000, following the company’s separation from the BMW group.

On 16th April 2002, the company produced its 1,500,000th MG – a Golden Jubilee celebration special TF 160.

In 2005, the MG Rover Group entered administration and was purchased by China’s oldest carmaker – NAC. This company then merged with China’s largest car manufacturer two years later in December 2007.

2011 saw huge developments for MG, with the introduction of the MG6 GT and the MG6 Magnette. These were the first all-new models to be launched in the UK in 16 years.

Even further changes came in 2013, with a 1.9 DTi-TECH Diesel engine being released for the MG6 range and the MG3 and MG CS Concept cars being revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show – the MG3 went on sale in September of that year.

MG celebrated 90 years of making performance cars in June 2014, with a spectacular event at Silverstone.

And now, in 2015 you can buy the complete range of MG models from Nathaniel Cars as an authorised dealer. Book yourself in for a test drive today and find out for yourself what makes these iconic British cars great.